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Savings House Mozhnosti winner of European award


The Savings house Moznosti won the “Good Practices Europe Award 2013” sponsored by Giordano Dell’ Amore Foundation in collaboration with the European Microfinance Network.

In competition of 19 microfinance institutions from whole Europe Moznhosti entered the latest competition of three participants among which were Deutsche Mikrofinanz Institut (DMI) from Germany and Partner Microcredit Foundation from Bosnia and Herzegovina and was selected as an official winner of the award.

The essence of the award initiative is to present the awareness of the great importance of micro crediting at European level, through the application of innovation practices and implementing useful components for economic and social development of the clients.

The application that was given to the commission of the Giordano Dell’ Amore Foundation refers to the loan product “Lokum 2” that provides the clients that have no official documents for their business to get a loan and the loan is documented with photos from the business of the clients.

The award was rewarded at the 10-th annual conference of EMN that was held in Stockholm from 25-26 June 2013.

This is another motivation for the team of the Savings House Mozhnosti to develop other new innovative solutions for the people in need for the realization of their good business ideas, at the same time supporting small businesses, families and the community.



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