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Savings house Mozhnosti protecting the environment


The savings house Mozhnosti with collaboration with a company for management of waste electric and electronic equipment, recently placed location for battery recycling in the savings house head office as well as in greater part of its branches.

This is considered as one of the ecological activities of the savings house as corporate responsible company for protecting the environment where apart the employees clients can take part too.

The batteries that are used in the everyday life contain hard metals and toxic chemicals that have negative influence on the environment polluting the soil and water. The contemned soil and water have direct influence on the quality of the consumer products that people and animals use. The high quality of hard metals in the human organism provokes great number of chronic diseases.

With battery recycling process the environment and the people health is being protected, we save energy, costs are being reduced and the resources needed for different industries are being renewed.

Locations where everyone can leave wasted batteries for recycling are the head office of the savings house as well as the branches in: Skopje-Leptokarija, Bitola, Kumanovo, Veles, Kochani, Gostivar, Tetovo, Strumica, Struga and Kavadarci.


Moving together,

Savings house Mozhnosti

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