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Savings house Mozhnosti part of the “Global money week”


Under the slogan Learn! Save! Make money! The Savings house Mozhnosti is part of the world rang event “Global money week” that started on 27-th of March and will last until 19-th of April 2017.

In organization of the Ministry of Finance and NBRM for the first time this year partners of this event together with the Alliance of Microfinance institutions are all micro finance institutions in the country, leaded by the Savings house Mozhnosti.

It is an event that is held on a world level in organization of the Child and Youth Finance International within which frames there are over 4000 activities in which over 6 million children and young people are included from more than 130 countries and more than 1000 organizations and institutions.

The whole activity is realized through educative visits from caravan of children from elementary and high schools as well as students from faculties who visit the financial institutions that are being part of this event in more cities throughout the country.

The purpose of these activities is to raise the awareness of the young people for the way the money work, including the savings, employment and entrepreneurship.

On 7-th of April, the branch in Struga had been visited by the caravan of pupils, part of this event. The visit of the NBRM caravan in Struga had been very successful. Our colleagues welcomed the pupils from the elementary school “Niko Nestor” from Struga, explained the business activities. Also they had the opportunity to see how financial institutions work and the every day activities of the employees. The pupils could learn about savings deposits, the contributions of this type of savings, the meaning of loans, how to use them in a smart way etc.

The main event will be held on 19-th of April 2017 in the City Park in Skopje where all banks, savings houses, pension funds, insurance companies and investment funds will be present. All together will present their services  to the visitors.

Participating on such events the Savings house Mozhnosti educates and advises through its competent personnel and presents its products and services that are constantly being improved so as to satisfy the needs of the clients.


Moving together,

Savings House Mozhnosti

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