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Profile of the Savings house Mozhnosti

The Savings house Mozhnosti is a financial institution that exists at the financial market for 20 years, while the beginnings of micro credit through Mozhnosti dating from 1996. Lead by the mission and vission, the Savings house is recognizible for the support to the people in need to get financial support for their good business ideas, beleif in free iniciative, individual creativity and personal responsibility...

The Savings house serves micro, small and middle enterprises that belong in the sector of trade, services and production as well as physical persons and offers financial products and services, crediting and savings.

Mozhnosti enjoys great reputation among the financial institutions in RM, due to hight efficiency, specialy empisising the speed and quality of the services, through the excellent relationship with the clients and the role of offering continued advice to the clients. This operations are orginized in the way that every client has special contact person (Client relationship officer) that is available any time to answer all questions and needs of the client.

The pillars of our business policy are based on continued innovation and implementation of new products and services, with constant knowledge of the trends and recognizing the needs of the market.

The savings house Mozhnosti is partner of the global microfinancial institution Opportunity Intenational with its headquarters in the USA whithin which frames it is ranked at third place out of 42 institutions worldwide. The rating is done according to the CAMEL rating system.

The Savings House Mozhnosti won the "Good Practices Euope Award 2013" sponsored by Giordano Dell'Amore Foundation in collaboration with the European Microfinance Network.

Today the savings house has branch network throughout the whole territory of the country: Skopje (branches: Aerodrom, GTC and Leptokarija), Kumanovo, Kavadarci, Kochani, Veles, Strumica, Tetovo, Kichevo, Bitola, Struga and Gostivar.

The team of Mozhnosti has 114 employees. Our goal is to provide competitive products to our clients, to justify the trust of our current and future clients that recognize the Savings house as stable and secure financial institution.

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