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           The Savings house Mozhnosti cares about the privacy and integrity of the personal data that are used during its business activities. This privacy policy contains the type of personal data of the Savings house ( as well as the activities that are undertaken for their protection.


Collection and processing personal data

For the time of the visit of our internet page, Your privacy is completely respected. The Internet itself  passively and automatically collects data for the use of the web page.
The users are identified through their IP (internet protocol) addresses that are applied by the internet provider and are different for each user. The IP address itself is not enough for identification of a person, but in cooperation with the internet provider the person can be discovered.

While using the web page of the Savings house, small textual files “cookies” are copied at your PC that serve for tracking the internet traffic of the user. The “cookies” files are not connected to the personal data of the visitor and disappear right after the internet user is turned off. Their role is to help identify the traffic of the visitors of the web page and data are collected with which are determined the ways for optimization and improvement of the functionality of the web page.

 The Savings house Mozhnosti collects the personal data information for the following purpose:

-       On-line loan application

(name and surname are compulsory, while phone numbers and e-mail are optional data)

-       On-line form for information for loans and savings deposits

-       (name and surname are compulsory, while phone numbers and e-mail are optional data)

-       Loan forms

(there are valid forms for appropriate product for which the user is interested)

-       Employment application

(on-line CV with complete data for name, surname, contact address, telephone number and e-mail of the applicant)

-       Polls

(name and surname are compulsory, while date of birth is optional)

-       Newsletter


All personal data received in the Savings house through the web-page are given by the free will of the users, with explicit agreement. The personal data are processed according to the Law on personal data protection solely for the purpose for which they are collected.


Use of the personal data of the web page users

When there is a need the personal data are used for other purposes for example making statistic reports or direct marketing, which is done only by previously given agreement from the users. The owner of the personal data has the right at any time, freely and by using the web page to redraw previously given agreement for processing the personal data for direct marketing. The data will not be transferred to other organs and institutions, except in cases determined by law.  

In a case of criminal investigation, the Savings house Mozhnosti complies with the law in force in RM and the data collected by the activities of the web page are available to the state organs only with court warrant, with exception in a case of misuse of their information system or web page, when reports registries (logs) can be investigated and analyzed in the pre-trial proceedings.

The employees of the savings house are legally obliged to keep all information and personal data secret for all visitors of the web page while accomplishing their working activities.

The logs that contain personal data are destroyed/erased after the termination of the defined term for their keeping according to the purpose for which they were collected and processed.

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