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Persons who access the website of Savings House "Mozhnosti "Ltd. Skopje on the worldwide web ( agree to the following:

Savings house "Mozhnosti" updates the information that is on this web site on regular basis.

The pubic data are solely informative, so there is possibility for change between two updates.

For these reasons the Saving House "Mozhnosti" does not guaranty or accept any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information that are available on our web site.

The information on our web site cannot be used for any other purpose other that information.

In no event the Saving House "Mozhnosti" will be liable for eventual damages that occurred while using the web site.

The Savings House "Mozhnosti" keeps the right to change the information on our web site without prior notice any time.

For all kinds of questions you should consult our employees from the Saving House "Mozhnosti" who are at your disposal in our branches throughout the Republic of Macedonia.

The entire content of the web site of Savings House "Mozhnosti" is subject to copyright. Multiplication, coping, distribution and usage of the information (in whole or in part) are not allowed without prior consent of the Savings House "Mozhnosti".

The whole content prepared by the Savings House "Mozhnosti" and publicized on this web site is being edited according to legal regulations.

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