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Gain more together with Savings house Moznosti!


The Savings house Moznosti within the “Microfinance Innovation and Inclusion project” supported by USAID began trainings for financial knowledge for its clients free of charge for the agriculture and micro businesses target groups.

The trainings for agriculture clients are intended for individual agriculturalists and small agriculture firms in the sphere of primary agriculture production and trade with agriculture products. The trainings for micro businesses are intended for the owners of the businesses. They are held locally in the environment where the client operates so that they can be accessible for our clients throughout the country.

They are two-day trainings where the basic knowledge in the sphere of finance is being emphasized.  They are held by experienced trainers that educate the current loan beneficiaries of the savings house.

The themes of the trainings are the following:

-          Financial system in RM (financial terms, interest rates, term period, grace period, refinance…);

-          Loan approval process;

-          Calculation of interest rate for loans and deposits;

-          Setting personal financial aims;

-          Smart money spending;

-          Planning family revenue and expenditure, cash flow, family budget;

-          Agriculture insurance;

-          Agriculture business plan;

-          Agriculture registration and financial obligations;

-          Agriculture pension;

-          Basic indicators.


With these trainings the savings house works on education and improving the skills of its clients. Their success is fulfilling our mission for helping micro clients in Macedonia not only through finance but through non-financial services as well.

So far their experience can share our clients from the Tikvesh and Ovcepole region that took active part in the trainings and contributed for explanation of the regulations in their scope of work that will insurance easier flow of its operations.

In the next period as part of this project there will be other trainings on different themes for which our clients will be informed on time.

Raising the level of education of our clients, giving support and advice to our clients for more successful operations is one of the mail pillars of our corporate responsibility.

The savings house Moznosti as socially responsible institution with these additional free of charge services differentiates from other institutions in the market and provides its clients with additional values and investments in their long term development.


Moving together,

Savings house Moznosti

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