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During the year Mozhnosti participates on several Fairs in the country


In the name of the tradition the town of Kavadarsci organized the 6th Vine fair, “Vino Ekspo 2006”. Mozhnosti was part of this fair that lasted from 01-03.09.2006, in the premises of the Sport Gym “Jasmin” in Kavadarci.

It is an international fair where vineryer from Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece took part.

Presenting the loan and savings products, Mozhnosti attracted large number of visitors, who were interested in what Mozhnosti has to offer.

At the same time it was a good sign for the doog reputtiot that Mozhnosti has in this region.


Sponsored by the Mayor of Strumica, for the second time the nternational fair for production, trade and services was held in Strumica. The fair lasted from02.11-04.11.2006 in the premises of the Sport Gym "Park" in Strumica.

At this fair Mozhnosti had an opportunity to promote its wide range of products and services. The favorable terms for the agricultural credit lines were specially emphasized because of the type of the fair and the visitor’s interest


In the premises of Skopski saem in Skopje in the period of 06-08 December 2006 the 5th fair for finance, business opportunities and economic development, FINEKSPO 2006, had been held.

The Savings house Mozhnosti this year also took active part so that the visitors could have all the necessary information for the products and services it offers.

Also this was good occasion for meeting other finace institutions that participated at the fair and get familiar with their work.

EXPO Bitola 2007

From 07-10 June 2007 the 5th Fair of Consumer Goods, Reproductiom Materials, Equipment and Tourism, EXPOBitola was held at the Sports Hall "Mladost" in Bitola.

Mozhnosti participated for its second time.


The visitors could receive all type of information about the products and services of Mozhnosti.

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