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Loan for client support affected by the KOVID-19 pandemic

USAID Business Ecosystem Development Project

 Purpose of the loan

For working capital, maintaining liquidity, solvency and number of employees

Target group

Entrepreneurs, individual farmers and trade companies (companies) that perform a certain economic activity


up to 180.000 MKD

Repayment period

up to 12months

Grace period

up to 11 months

Nominal interest rate

0% annual

Rate of total costs (RTC)

from 8,960%



Management Fee

 0,305% -0,542% monthly

Other loan costs

  -bill of exchange from 100 to 200 denars depending on the loan amount 


-current interest depending on the day when the loan is disbursed



Without guarantors (SDK) or 1 physical person with bill of exchange or 1 FL with bill of exchange and Administrative ban of 1 physical person with SDK


Depending on the activity from which the applicant earns income

Loan repayment

 Adapted to client needs


Method of disbursment

Savings book or transaction account


Loan amount

Interest rate



Management fee



Bill of exchange

180.000 MKD


12 months



15.549,00 MKD


200 MKD

The total amount the client pays according to the example is 188.388,00 MKD.

The example is based upon disbursement at the begining of the month (1-st).

Only you have to do is fill out an application form or apply by the on-line application

 Rate of total costs (RTC) as to 31.12.2020

Savings house reserves the right to refuse the application of the applicant.
Savings house reserves the right to change the terms without prior notice. 

Savings house Mozhnosti
Moving together

This activity is supported by the USAID Business Ecosystem Development Project.

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